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SEO Content Writing Services

Writing for the web is completely different to writing for any other type of marketing material. For a start, you’ve got about three seconds to make a good impression. So make one. Otherwise your visitor is clickety-click and gone.

Secondly, your potential customer is as impatient as hell and will scan your web page rather than read every word. So make sure the benefits are loud and clear and don’t waffle on about you and your company.

SEO Content Writing Service

Content marketing can be a cost-effective way to boost your profile and get your brand out there amongst the right people. It’s as accessible to start-ups as it is to big brands.

  • Blogs
  • Marketing Sales
  • Press Releases
  • Editorials
  • News Letter
  • Web SEO

Our Content Marketing Process

We know that there’s more to content marketing that publishing blog posts, that’s why we take a holistic approach to growing your business, based on a the following strategy:

Content SEO Audit

Every successful content strategy starts by looking at what’s already there. We’ll provide an analysis of your website’s current search engine performance and look at what can be done to improve it. We’ll look at your site’s on-page SEO, including its architecture, structure and internal linking. We’ll also look at its current content and identify opportunities for improvement.

Content Strategy

Once we’ve identified opportunities to improve your search engine performance, our content writing agency takes things further by analysing your target market. We’ll look at what your competitors are doing and we’ll identify content opportunities to help strengthen your position in the marketplace. We’ll carry out thorough keyword research using our 5-step approach and create a content calendar that makes the most of your targeted keywords.

Tone of Voice Guidelines

With a strategy firmly in place, we can help you develop tone of voice guidelines for your brand. It’s one thing knowing what to say and another knowing how to say it. Our guidelines will ensure that your brand’s tone of voice is consistent in every piece of written communication it publishes. We’ll also provide you with content templates that can be used to form the basis of all your communications.

Content Writing and Management

Once we have a solid strategy in place and we’ve established your tone of voice, our content writing agency can write and publish your content for you. All of your content will be optimized in accordance with Google’s guidelines to ensure that it ranks well in search engines. We can manage your communications by publishing directly to your CMS and we use content management software to ensure that every piece of work is edited, proofread and scheduled before publication.

How Our Content Writing Services Work Better than others?

  • Creative Content Ideas - We provide creative content ideas and strategies.
  • SEO Driven Content - Creating SEO Content is one of our Specialities
  • Quality - High quality content written by our in-house
  • Uniqueness- Our content will stand out and be completely unique
  • Professional - Corporate Content Done concisely and professionally
  • Creative Writing Experience - Experienced in writing for various sectors online

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