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Ecommerce Marketing Services

Search engine optimisation for E-commerce websites is different to SEO for simpler information-only or ‘brochure’ style websites.E-commerce websites often have a complex site architecture with hundreds, thousands, even hundreds of thousands of product pages all with unique URLs plus dynamically created URLs from site search.

This means there are lots of technical factors that can affect SEO – duplicate content, URL structure, products moving locations or being removed altogether, canonical URLs and much more.

Keyword research is also very important – if you have an E-commerce website and want to improve your natural search rankings, there are five types of keyword to consider:

  • Broad, generic keywords which will be tough to rank for but when you do, will bring you masses of traffic.
  • Specific product searches or part numbers
  • Ranking for branded keywords, the website should be first every time anyone searches specifically for you
  • Highly specific searches which will be low-traffic but high conversion
  • High numbers of ‘long tail’ information keywords

At Right Papa Web Solutions, we combine technical SEO algorithm expertise, in-depth audience, keyword research and targeted link building to position brands at the top of organic search results. We keep them there, too.

Keyword & Audience Research

Understanding what your customers are searching for and what your website should be ranking for.

Technical SEO Audits

Auditing your website to ensure Google and major search engines can index and crawl it without issue.

eCommerce SEO Strategy

We deliver you a holistic SEO strategy to help you get more of your customers buying from your website.

Product Page Optimisation

We optimise your product pages to provide the best chance of ranking at the top of search for the right keywords.

Seo Architecture for E Commerce

We review your website’s architecture and category page mark-up to ensure they’re optimised for search. We ensure the accuracy of your website’s attribution channels and eCommerce tracking data is robust.

  • Rapid split-testing, especially when combined with PPC activity, is paramount to increasing conversion rates.
  • Our link building services have been designed to ensure that our client's websites always stay in Google's good-books.
  • Whether it’s writing SEO optimised landing pages, blogs, FAQs, category or product pages – we’ve got you covered!

Get Flawless Ecommerce Seo:Increase sales with our unique blend of results-driven eCommerce SEO

And just as SEO is a speciality within Digital Marketing, in the same way, eCommerce SEO is a speciality within SEO; and getting it right can be a huge challenge. Great eCommerce SEO delivers high-quality, targeted traffic to online shops, driving more customers and generating more sales.

Work with a dedicated team of eCommerce SEO specialists

You will be supported by our team to lead and achieve your SEO goals. We only do SEO, so with specialist focus on content, outreach & technical SEO, our eCommerce SEO team are second to none.

Your access to our dedicated eCommerce SEO team will feel like an extension of your in-house team. We want to feel part of your brand, sharing in and celebrating the big wins, and overcoming the challenges together.

Proper SEO Strategies Designed to Win Across all Channels

SEO is a key part of the wider marketing mix. That’s why all our SEO strategies are designed with a multi-channel approach, working closely with and supporting your email, PR, social and PPC teams.

We believe that absolute visibility, accountability and clear communication on all ongoing SEO work, support and results are the cornerstones of success with our clients.

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