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Email marketing Service

Email marketing is a highly cost-effective way to keep in touch with and retain existing customers and to attract new clients to your business. Compared with other marketing tactics, email marketing offers you one of the highest returns on investment.

Not only does it drive sales, visits and bookings from new and existing customers it’s a great way to reinforce your brand and build awareness of your business.

Our Email Marketing Tool

We utilise industry leading email marketing software to offer a complete service to our clients. We can take care of the email campaign design, create the html file, setup your email campaign and transmit to your data list. We then provide comprehensive post transmission reporting.

Our Great email marketing features

Full email marketing campaign automation

Providing ability to automatically send different campaigns to different email recipients, depending on how they are interacting with your email sends.

Web sign up forms

With our email marketing software, you can quickly and easily create double opt-in compliant web forms. These forms can be themed to seamlessly integrate with your company website.

Data segmentation

Splitting your data into areas of interest, or segments really make a large difference with your email marketing results. With email blaster’s email marketing software, splitting your data depending on how they interact with your email sends is quick and easy to do.

Video integration

Using video with your email marketing has always been tricky at best, lots of email browsers such as Outlook don’t support the direct rendering of video in your email marketing.

Report Of Email marketing campaign

One of the biggest advantages of utilising email marketing software is the reporting available post launch. After you have sent your email marketing campaign you will be able to see exactly who opened and read your email and who clicked through to your website.

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