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Google Penalty Recovery Services

Google Penalties can come in various shapes and sizes often stemming from content or a website's backlinks.

We have diagnosed numerous websites and recovered them from Google Penalties. We have then worked with the client to implement a strategy to help them avoid any future penalties.

At Right Papa Web Solutions we are considered the experts when it comes to diagnosing website traffic losses, search engine ranking losses and Google penalties. We can not only recover websites, we can plan and strategize on behalf of our clients to ensure they avoid any potential traffic losses.

Google Penalty Removal Service To Save Your Website

Right Papa Web Solutions professionals are experts at Google penalty removals, with proven success across a wide spectrum of business industries and sizes. Our daily jobs require us to study and understand Google’s ever changing algorithms, Google’s Quality Guidelines and how to adhere to these boundaries when planning and executing an SEO campaign.

Our accomplished teams of SEO Account Managers find it extremely easy to pinpoint any ‘Black Hat’ SEO techniques that may have been used by another agency, that could well be causing your Google penalty.

Google Penalty

Penguin penalty is technically not a penalty at all. It’s more of a filter that devalues incoming links that seem spammy. This could be links coming from link-farms, or to many link directories. If this is what hit you, we can help you get back on track, quite soon. The target here would be to find the various spammy links and have Google disavow them. In addition, you would probably need some new high-quality links to help you back up.

What links does, is that they help Google determine what sort of niche your site is representing, and how “important” the site is deemed. If all your inbound links come from pam, naturally the algorithm will see your site as spam, as well.

Panda is a filter the algorithm applies for on-site factors. This could be stuff like low quality content or high amounts of duplicate content on your site. If you copy/paste content from other websites, you could get hit from this type of penalty.

How Right Papa Web Solutions Helps

Google introduces a new tweak to one of its many ranking algorithms almost on a weekly basis, for some this can be a difficult concept to grasp; not for the professionals at Right Papa Web Solutions. We fully understand all the twists, turns and updates of all Google algorithms from Panda, Penguin, Possum, Pigeon and everything in-between. Algorithms happen instantaneously, and while some believe they can be a lot to handle, Right Papa Web Solutions feels this makes it easier to respond to and eradicate Google penalisations.

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